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What data or
expertise do I need
to answer my

Needs Assessment


Clients generally understand what data is needed to manage their data-to-day business or research needs and regular reporting requirements (data retrieval).


Though data may appear easily retrievable, it may not be available for the complex analyses necessary to help you evaluate key strategic decision-making options.

Needs Assessment
Assessing Data Requirements


Assessing data requirements can be separated into three distinct processes:


  1. Data entry

  2. Data retrieval for day-to-day management

  3. Data analysis


Whether you use sophisticated platforms, standard spreadsheet software, and/or standard database software, we provide solutions to help ensure your data is available for complex analyses without interfering with current data entry or day-to-day management.

Assessing Data Validation Processes


In any database, one expects a data entry error rate of 10-20%. Sometimes, the error rate is higher. These errors are sometimes obvious and sometimes not.


We provide efficient processes to identify these errors, improve day-to-day management decisions, and avoid misleading conclusions when conducting complex analyses.

Assessing Training Requirements


We offer guaranteed increase in efficiency for Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint.


Our approach is to directly observe your needs and processes, and to offer targeted methods to improve efficiency.


Our business model is risk-free: Our fee structure is based on the increase in efficiency generated by our implemented recommendations.

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