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Data Management


Successful decision making occurs on a foundation of valid data, results and interpretion. We offer solutions to ensure you have valid data and can use it effectively for propoals, research and sharing with others for analysis if necessary.

Data Management


How can I cost- effectively manage my data and ensure validity?

Data Management
Ensuring Valid Data


In any database, one expects a data entry error rate of 10-20%. Sometimes, the error rate is higher. These errors are sometimes obvious and sometimes not. 


Data validation processes differ from one work environment to another. Depending on context, the optimal processes may be when data are entered, when saved, or through routine reports.


We provide efficient solutions geared to your needs that help prevent and identify errors, improving your ability to make well-informed strategic decisions.

Requests for Proposals and Analyses


Whether they are required for research grants or business needs, RFPs are more successful when they are based on appropriate analyses of valid data.


Our experience in obtaining government grant funding will help strengthen your proposal by including quality analyses, and avoiding common errors.

Data Importing and Exporting


Many businesses, organizations and researchers use multiple platforms and software to manage different processes.


When different data sources require the same information (e.g. client list, addresses), these data are often entered into each data management program separately. This not only decreases efficiency and increases the chance of data entry errors, it also creates challenges for generating reports that integrate data from multiple sources.


Integrating data from the different sources allows for complex analyses in statistical software that can provide you with the extra edge you need to make more informed strategic decisions.


We offer data integration consultations for importing/exporting across any software program that can export files in common formats such CSV or TXT. This includes Excel, Access, Lotus 1-2-3 and many others.

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