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Help us get the term LoLiComp into the Dictionary.
Just use it, and share it!

Our Story

We are Ian & Lyn. We met in 2001 while rock climbing, when we were both in our 40s. We are Canadians from the province of Quebec, where common-law unions are more in vogue than marriages formalized by religion or state. When introducing each other to family, friends, and colleagues, we could never find the right term to describe our relationship.


We wanted a revealing term about our love and commitment for each other, but felt that the terms being used today are inappropriate for us. These terms are either gendered, convey a sanctioning of the relationship by law (religious or state), or are too ambiguous to convey our feelings for each other.

We came up with a new term!

Meet Lyn, my


Meet Ian, my


We adopted LoLiComp

LoLiComp embodies the concept of life shared in an enduring and intimate love relationship.

LoLiComp applies to all, notwithstanding gender or sexuality.

LoLiComp applies whether or not the relationship commitment has been sanctioned by a religion or state.

LoLiComp: Love & Life Companion




A companion in a loving, intimate, long term relationship

  • "Employees and their LoLiComps are invited to the reception."

  • "Will you be my LoLiComp?"

If LoLiComp speaks to you, then use it, share it.
And if you are inclined, let us know you have adopted LoLiComp into your life story.
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